Pre ordering malt with BeerGuevara guarantees supply and opens up significant savings.


There are limited windows during which breweries can place a pre order with us.

We import malt in bulk three or four times a year from our suppliers in Europe. Before finalising each shipment, we email order forms to all breweries on our mailing list inviting pre orders. Breweries usually have 1 – 2 weeks in which to respond with their orders (due to exchange rate volatility we cannot guarantee pricing longer than this). We then include all pre orders in our shipment, which usually arrives in Cape Town around 2 months later. Pre ordering thus has a long lead time, but brings the advantage of savings and consistent supply.




We offer two ways for brewmasters to pre order with us:

Standard Pre Order

For orders of less than half a tonne.

We’ll include your malt in our shipment, and let you know when it arrives – at which point you may buy any – or all – of your order. You’ll have a week or so to make up your mind, but there’s no obligation. Standard pre orders guarantee security at no cost. Prices are the same as our on-hand stock.

Volume Pre Order

For malt orders of more than half a ton (20+ sacks).

Volume prices are typically 20% cheaper than standard pricing. We’ll require a 50% up-front deposit when you place your order, and you’ll have 2 weeks in which to collect once your malt arrives. Volume pre orders guarantee availability as well as opening up better pricing.

Here are our full terms and conditions for pre orders.


Custom Pricing for Larger Orders

For orders of more than 5 tonnes up to full containers, or regular monthly deliveries – please get in touch and we can discuss custom pricing, warehousing and delivery options.


Get In Touch

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list for pre orders, or have any other questions regarding malt supply for your brewery, please get in touch here: