Terms & Conditions for Pre Orders

(Updated May 2015)

Exchange Rates & Pricing

Customers placing volume orders – pricing as indicated on our order form is subject to exchange rate fluctuations up until you receive a proforma invoice from us and pay your deposit. Customers placing standard orders – pricing as indicated on our order form may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations up until we take delivery of the malt from our suppliers.

When to Pay, Collect or Expect Delivery

We will notify you once your order has arrived and is ready for collection.

At this point, customers who placed a volume order (and paid a deposit) will be invoiced for the full amount of the goods. You must pay all outstanding amounts within 2 weeks of receiving our invoice. If you accepted a delivery quote from us, this will be added to your invoice at this stage, and we will arrange delivery once the invoiced amount has been settled. If you’re going to arrange collection from our Cape Town warehouse yourself – either in person or using a courier – this can be done once your invoice has been settled, and must be done within the same 2-week window. Should you not settle your outstanding balance and/or not collect your malt within 2 weeks of receiving notification, you will incur storage costs of R5 per bag per week or part thereof, as well as interest at 15% p/a on any outstanding balance on your accounts. Should any of these amounts remain unpaid after 5 weeks, BeerGuevara reserves the right to sell your malt to defray expenses, and you will forfeit your initial deposit.

Customers who placed a standard order – your malt order will be reserved for 2 weeks after you receive notification of its arrival at our Cape Town warehouse, during which time you may purchase and collect any portion of your order. After 2 weeks, BeerGuevara reserves the right to sell to other clients any remaining stock from your order which you have not purchased and collected.

Scheduling & Risks

BeerGuevara will fully reimburse all deposit amounts received from customers if, for whatever reason, the malt fails to arrive at our Cape Town warehouse.

While we will make every effort to have your malt ready at our warehouse by the dates indicated on the order calendar, due to the variable nature of the shipping industry, as well as other factors influencing importing, these dates cannot be guaranteed, and BeerGuevara will not be liable for any losses incurred by you or anyone else due to any delays or cancelations. We recommend customers factor 2 weeks’ leeway into their ordering calculations to be on the safe side.

Standard Orders of Extras

While we will not normally require a deposit for any standard order, in the case of a standard order of a non malt / grain item that we deem might not be saleable to other breweries, BeerGuevara reserves the right to request a deposit which we may retain against any loss incurred in the event the original ordering party declines to purchase it on arrival.